Watch Dog Alarm


Now you can have all the advantages of a 24 hour 7 days-per-week watch dog without the hassles of caring and feeding, or if you have a dog you can use the watchdog alarm to assist and alert them of unseen approaching intruders !
Or just enjoy relaxing rainforest sounds when visitors arrive.
Set on continuous mode, provide relaxing background sounds for yourself or your pet birds.

Just like man’s best friend, this electronic version barks fiercely whenever anyone approaches, intermittently at first becoming louder and more frequent if the intruder continues to move closer. But unlike a real dog, it also “sees” through doors and walls up to 6 M away with its 2.4 GHz radar giving advanced warning of any movement outside.

You can adjust the distance and volume to your exact needs and it has four versatile modes.

For security, set it on barking or a combination of barking and 20 sec. siren.

For other times, set it on the pleasant rainforest sound continuously or set it on the rainforest chime to announce guests as they arrive. Place it inside near a door or outside under cover.
Suitable for shops and businesses to alert when customers arrive with rainforest sounds, running water, birds calling and frogs croaking.

Features high-impact plastic case.

220V AC adaptor supplied.
Low power consumption  0.22 W detecting, 2.6 W barking
150mm W x 190mm H x 130mm D.

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    Dimensions 150 x 190 x 130 cm
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