• Electric Mosquito killer Traps tiny Fruit Flies
    & HouseFlies for domestic and commercial applications


Developed by Jeffrey Moger, a British designer who now lives in
Thailand. Frustrated with units purchased for domestic use that simply
did not work, I set about designing a ‘Commercial Grade’ fly killer
suitable for use all around the home.

Our latest design of grid is able to kill very small insects without the risk
of electrical arcing also with reduced blockages and cleaning
required…along with a 5 year Guarantee.

Thus NoFlyZone kills Mosquitoes and very small Fruit Flies along with
Houseflies and other flying insects with minimal attention.


Avoid spraying harmful chemicals into your room to control unwelcome
flying insects. Kills Flies, Mosquitoes and small biting flies, suitable for
indoor use.

For semi-outdoor use, position under a roof away from sunlight, rain
and flammable materials.

Use a timer or unplug during daytime to avoid killing bees, butterflies &
other beneficial insects.


5 Year Guarantee for High Voltage Transformer and Grid systems. 12
Months Guarantee for Fluorescent Tubes and Electronic Ballasts
Economic repair service & spare parts available outside of Guarantee.


Option for different tubes if your problem is mainly Mosquitoes, please specify when ordering.

Brighter light intensity over a wider area than horizontal types, so its
visible and attractive to insects from further away.

Difficult for flies to escape from and harder for bees /butterflies /mantis
to enter.

Curved grid rarely needs cleaning and is installed out of sight, even if it
needs cleaning, light output and attraction remains unaffected.

Electronic ballasts use less energy & give more light output.

For people who like to use Chemical Mosquito Lures, an optional top
box is available to place them (V36WSL).

  • V36WS with Halo 30 floor stand เครื่องดักยังใช้ดีมากๆครับ ไม่มียุงรบกวนเลยครับ  

    Terdchai Petchtong -
  • Hallo Herr Moger, möchte Ihnen nur mitteilen das die 2 Mosquitokiller, die ich von Ihnen gekauft habe sehr, sehr gut funktionieren und ich fast keine Mosquitos mehr auf meiner Terrasse habe. Ich Sie kann diese nur weiterempfehlen. MfG.

    Gaby Vieser -
  • I have used cheaper bug zappers in the past with very disappointing results. Your products are the best I've come across, are great value for money and I recommend them to friend and customers when asked.

    Tony West -